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12/13 November 2013
Hall 5, NEC Birmingham
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Printable Electronics for Industry 2013
Open Conference programme and Industry Showcase

Building on the 2011 & 2012 ‘Plastic Electronics’ events at NEC Birmingham, the newly branded Printable Electronics for Industry 2013 provides an important 2 day programme of presentations, and supporting features and industry partners, showcasing to attending design and engineering groups across multiple industries, the ‘potential’ for the game-changing technology of printable electronics.

Printable Electronics - the game changer enabling technology in a nutshell ……
Also known as Plastic or Organic Electronics, Printable Electronics is a revolutionary technology enabling circuits to be printed onto a range of surfaces. The technology enables the design and development of a whole new range of flexible functionality devices and innovative products that can be produced in more cheaply and environmentally friendly than ever before. Forecast to carry global value of $120Bn by 2020, the industry sees Printable Electronics as an innovative platform supplementing and complementing current Silicon-based electronics, allowing significantly more diversified product

Printable Electronics for Industry’ Open Conference programme
Aimed at cross-industry design and engineering professionals, the daily ‘free to attend’ sessions will reach out to Automotive, Consumer & Industrial Electronics, Power Generation , Lighting, Signage, Architecture, Healthcare, Sports & Recreational other key sectors looking to harness, in their product evolution programmes, the benefits of organic LED’s, organic photovoltaics, flexible displays, integrated smart systems as well as applications harnessing printable electronic components such as batteries, RFID, circuits, memory, conductors, antennae and more. A chance to find out more about the latest in printable electronics materials, technology, processes, systems & specialist services

2013 contributing speakers:

  • Dan Rogers, Managing Editor, +Plastic Electronics
  • Changsheng Wang, Merck Chemicals
  • Jan Jongman, Senior Manager - Technology Development, Plastic Logic
  • Mr Mau Yuen Chan, Research Engineer, BAE Systems
  • Chris Jones PELG
  • Jon Helliwell, Director of Printable Electronics, Centre of Process Innovation (CPI)
  • Dr Steve Jones, Business Development Director, Printed Electronics Ltd
  • David Lussey, CTO, Peratech
  • Dr Hazel Assender, University Lecturer, University of Oxford
  • Dr Monica Craciun, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Graphene Science, College of Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences, University of Exeter
  • David Gibbs, Technical Sales, Haydale Ltd
  • Benjamin Mogg, PhD researcher at the WCPC (Welsh Centre of Printing and Coating) within the College of Engineering, Swansea University
  • Alan McClelland, Commercial Manager, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)
  • Dr Alan Hodgson, Technical Development Manager, 3M UK PLC

CLICK HERE to view schedule of topics/presentation times for both days

Exhibits Area
Opportunity to talk to leading technology and infrastructure partners supporting this crucial ‘enabling’ technology stream at the heart of the UK’s rapidly developing capability within the Printable Electronics sector. Plus a chance for UK-wide design & engineering professionals, brand owners and integrators, to talk with selective leading suppliers of technology in this sector.

Printable Electronics ‘demonstrated’

Hosted by ESPKTN and PELG, and supporting the 2 day programme of industry presentations and exhibits, the Printable Electronics for Industry showcase provides attending design and engineering groups with the opportunity to see physical examples of how the exciting new ‘enabling’ technology of printable (plastic/organic) electronics is being applied across numerous sectors.

Planned ‘special features’ on Printable Electronic feature areas…

· Novalia - printed interactive poster technology
· Rainbow Winters - Latest ‘Morph’ dress, using electroluminescent (EL) technology
· Peratech – Globalpower drill, utilising QTC switch sensors
· PEL – latest printable electronics demonstrators
· CPI - OLED technologies …. plus more

Printed electronic interactive drum poster by UK-based Company Novalia, a simple example of an application of printed interactive capacitive touch using conductive ink that transforms a simple graphic into a fully interactive audio poster. Novalia will also be tweeting live from a self-adhesive label and introducing an interactive poster that has been produced using conductive ink systems that incorporate graphene to lower the sheet resistance. One of the many examples to see and experience

Wearable electronics technologies used by fashion designer Rainbow Winters

Who Should attend Printable Electronics for Industry ?
Aimed at R&D / design / manufacturing / product integration / commercial teams across UK-wide industrial & consumer product industries, seeking greater understanding of this radical disruptive ‘enabling’ technology, and evaluating the commercialization potential of plastic & organic electronics based product applications – such sectors include:

  • Medical /Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals – packaging / smart bandages/monitoring
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Military Hardware
  • Automotive – touch controls/instrument clusters
  • Energy Generation & Storage - portable power/low power/low light harvesting
  • Photovoltaic & Solar Cell
  • Environmental Technology
  • Clothing Apparel / Smart clothing
  • Sports /Fitness Goods
  • Displays sector
  • Lighting
  • RFID tags
  • Sensors & Instrumentation
  • E-Reader & E-Paper
  • Aerospace
  • Packaging & Labelling
  • Signage & Posters
  • Battery & Fuel Cell
  • ID Systems / Brand Protection & Authentication
  • Photonics
  • Integrated Systems
  • Publishing & Advertising
  • Print & Retail
  • Banks, Financial Institutions/credit cards ……. and more